First Post

Welcome to my new blog!  Follow along as I attempt to hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.  I won’t be posting every day, but I’ll try to post at least once a week so you can see how I’m doing, and where I am.

I’ve got a lot to do before I hit the trail (April 6), but I will try to post some pre-trail thoughts and notes about my planning and preparations.  But for this first post, I wanted to explain the title of my blog.

I like to sleep, and I like to dream.  It occurred to me the other day that I can’t remember a single dream where I was at home.  As a long time Forest Service employee, I often have dreams that I am out in the woods somewhere, on a dusty road, or knee-deep in some stream (I’m a Hydrologist).  Sometimes I’m in my car.  And of course the stress dreams where I’m in college and it’s Finals Week and I;  a) haven’t been to class all semester, b) don’t know where the class meets, c) don’t know when the exam is, or d) all of those things.

Now, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that if I spend five or six months on the PCT, I will have dreams that take place there for years to come, if not the rest of my life.  In fact, I’ve already had two dreams where I was on the PCT (both stress dreams where I had just started but was missing some important piece of gear).

Hiking the PCT has been a dream of mine since I was about 15.  Soon, I will be Living The Dream.  And then the PCT will be inside me.  A place I can go in my sleep.  A new place for dreams.  Hopefully, happy dreams.

2 thoughts on “First Post

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  2. Glide, I love this first post! I am starting March 4th 2022 which is earlier in the year than this post was even made! I’m sure I’ll have much different experiences than you because of the month difference in the start date but I can’t wait to see how our trips are similar! I too have had those pre trail stress dreams of missing gear that I know I packed, I trip and fall and lose all of my food and water OR a snake cuddles up to me in the night looking for warmth and ends up strangling me in my sleep (anaconda style). I hope to have more GOOD dreams once out there and the stress turns to excitement!


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