Shipping Me Packages

Well, since I will be bouncing myself a box, I’ll be going through a lot more Post Offices than I had originally planned. So, feel free to ship me something, if you’re so inclined. Remember, I will have to eat it, toss it (cards & letters), or CARRY it. Please keep that in mind.

Also, if you send me something, you must tell me about it so I know to stop and pick it up! The earlier you know (like the day you ship it) the better. I may decide to speed up or slow down based on when the Post Office is open, where I am, etc.

According to those who have gone before me there is really only ONE reliable way to ship packages and that is Priority Mail. Not First Class, not Parcel Post.

Address each package:

(Hiker Name)

General Delivery

Town, State, Zip Code

Double-check the Zip Code

At the bottom left corner of each package write:

Hold for PCT hiker

ETA (date)

Also, write the last name in big, block letters on all sides of the box, in me and my cousin’s case, “DRESSER”.

I’m not totally sure which towns I will be going through, and you’ll have to follow the blog to have any idea of when I’ll be there, but here are some possibilities:

Mt. Laguna, CA 91948

Definitely staying there Thursday and Friday night next week. Better mail quick or I will miss it.

Warner Springs, CA 92086

April 15th?

Adam Dresser

c/o Paradise Valley Café

61721 Hwy 74

Mountain Center, CA. 92561

Idyllwild, CA. 92549

Adam Dresser

c/o Paul Miller

PO Box 826

Cabazon, CA. 92230

(definite stop)

Big Bear Lake, CA. 92315

Wrightwood, CA. 92397

Adam Dresser

c/o The Saufleys

11861 Darling Road

Agua Dulce, CA. 91390

Tehachapi, CA. 93561

Adam Dresser

c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store

96740 Beach Meadow Road

Inyokern, CA. 93527

That’s probably good for now. Kennedy Meadows, about 700 mile in, is “The Gateway to the Sierra”, and the end of the desert. I will definitely be stopping there, hopefully in late May. It would be cool to be there on my birthday (May 21st), but my new, slow schedule has me two days late. Guess we’ll see. Stay tuned!

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