A Test of Will

Well, we made it to Warner Springs, Mile 109. That’s 53 miles in three days and boy am I feeling it! We also mashed some miles today. We did 10 by 10:45, and all 18 to Warner by 3:15. We just got up early and walked more or less until we got here.




Nice change of scenery!

Partly this was due to fact that my feet hurt like hell from the time I got up. Once I got going I could hobble along OK, but getting going again after stopping was tough. Better just not to stop. I just willed myself to keep walking. Just keep moving. I was in Survival Mode most of the day.

But the scenery was much nicer, the weather was pleasant, the trail was super kind to me, so that certainly helped. If it had been another 18 like yesterday, I don’t know…


Eagle Rock

Also, we had high hopes for Warner Springs. Take a nice easy zero. But there’s really nothing here. I got a shower at the community center (which was freezing, being an outdoor shower, with wind and low humidity), and we can get some limited food there, and do laundry tomorrow, but basically we’re still camping out. If that’s the case, we might as well take care of business tomorrow and head back on the trail. Naturally, we’ll do an easy day.

After my shower I was sitting on the bench out front trying to comb out the tangles in my long hair. It was not going well. At one point my brush was completely tangled up in my hair and I couldn’t even pull it out. A nice older lady from the Community Center took pity on me and sat down and brushed out my hair for me. That was so sweet and kind.

So, to avoid having to camp with everyone under this one tree, we walked south out of town to find a queit place to rest by the stream. There’s a wind alert tonight. I hope it dosn’t flap my tarp around too much.

Edit: Wind wasn’t bad, but we had company. When I woke up I noticed that I had cowboy camped about ten feet from a wood-rat nest. Oops.

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