Whitney View

Very cold morning. Didn’t get on trail until 0645.



I guess I’m officially in the Sierra



I only saw two people before the PCT joins the JMT, then I saw four more. Where is everybody?


Forester Pass is pretty much dead center where the tree is pointing to. Looks easy, right?

Long day and slow going but I made 21 miles in 11 hours 15 minutes (including breaks). Only four miles to the top of Forester Pass. Everything looks good from this side. It was great weather today, so I hope it holds one more day.




Dead center, the slanted one, I think that’s Whitney.



Yellow-Bellied Marmot

I’m camping with a nice view at tree line about 11,500 feet. My highest camp ever.


Spot the tent/tarp


The new shoes I got in Tehachapi are killing me. My feet hurt all day and I just can’t wait to get to Bishop and get new shoes. And socks. All mine have holes now. Anyway, if you have to slog down the trail, it was a pretty place to do it.

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