Selden Pass

Everything was nice and dry again except for the rainfly itself. I hit the trail at 0610. It was close to freezing and windy. As I got higher, I walked through last night’s fresh snow. I got to the top of Selden Pass by 0800.



I saw these animal prints, probably only a few minutes old, but I don’t know what they are from. Coyote? Bobcat?


I forded Bear Creek around ten, which was much worse than Evolution (knee-deep, with big boulder substrate), but I went across fine. I stopped on the other side to have lunch and dry my shoes and socks and everything out. I saw some hikers go by on the trail about 60 feet away, but they didn’t see me. With my white shirt, tan pants, and grey pack, I blend in pretty well here. I like to think I’m enhancing their wilderness experience if they don’t know I’m here.

Then I hit some cruiser trail and just walked all day.




After 18 miles, and with thunderstorms threatening again, I called it good and made camp around 1645 again. My feet were really hurting.


I have 26 miles to town, which is too far to make it tomorrow, but I should be there early on Sunday.

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