Totem Animals!

I can’t believe I left this part out. On Friday around lunchtime my totem animal ran across the trail and we looked at each other for a few seconds before it scampered away.

My totem animal is the Long-Tailed Weasel, so it’s not very often I get to see one. I wish I had a picture to show you, but there wasn’t time. It was extremely cute with its little chin patch and black tipped tail. I told all the chipmunks and Golden-mantled ground squirrels I saw for the rest of the day, “Yeah, you’re cute, but you’re not Weasel Cute!”

It’s got to be good sign.

5 thoughts on “Totem Animals!

  1. Interesting. I’ve only ever seen one up close enough to identify, and that one was dead in my yard here in McKinleyville, of unknown causes. But, Karla and I think we saw several on Camp Creek during the SCI survey recently. Twice they dropped out of trees into the creek and swam for shore, and one was skulking in streamside rocks. We really couldn’t come up with any other likely candidate species. Didn’t know they were special to you – I guess you were watching over SCI for us even if you didn’t know it. I’ll be sure to let Karla know.

    Jamie is up for trying to meet you on Saturday. We will most likely camp at Ft. Goff if the walk-in campground is open – it’s about three miles down 96 from Seiad Valley. If the stars align, I might be able to shuttle you from the trail to “town” so you don’t have to walk the road. I’ll try to follow along, assuming you have service and feel like posting. If you have any wants, do say so.

    Have a Marble-ous hike! (Sorry, had to.)


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