Returning to The Scene of The Crime

I went skiing at Squaw Valley two weeks ago, where I first got off the trail, right before my toe infection. Last summer it looked like this:

Last week, there was snow!

My Dad came out to visit and my sister Sarah. It was really good to see them again. Sarah took that picture from the top of Granite Chief, and it was really cool to get to say, “I walked here from Mexico once.” As much as I failed at my thru-hike, what I did was still pretty cool, and I’m trying to focus on that and not the failure part.

In other news, I’ve been reading other people’s blogs from last year, which is really cool now that I have been there and they often mention other hikers who I also met. Some of these have inspired me to add more detail to my blog. There were things that happened that are kind of interesting that I don’t want to forget. There was a lot of time pressure trying to post from the trail and now that that is gone, I want to make the story more complete. Honestly, dear reader, this blog is for me as much as anything. Anyway, I’ll let you know when all the additions are done, if you want to read my story again.

4 thoughts on “Returning to The Scene of The Crime

  1. Blog of alaska would be really cool hope you have lots of pics on this end im thinking of filming my hikes and posting on utube might be something you manna try good on your hikes


  2. Great “before and after” pic. Beautiful! Your hike was a great accomplishment. Nothing to feel badly about. I look forward to reading more details as as you fill them in. 🙂


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