IMGP0013-2Until I get a trail name, my name is Adam. I’m a 46 year old Hydrologist for Six Rivers National Forest. I hail from the Redwood Coast of California. I thought I’d be better off hiking the PCT now, rather that wait until I retire (mid-life crisis?), and I’m very grateful my employer will give me a six month leave of absence.

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  1. Ok, I’m all caught up and ready to read about your adventure. And for the record, it is that quiet spot deep inside of you that I have always loved. Happy trails my friend.


  2. This is an awesome thing you are doing, Adam. It will be fun to follow along vicariously. The family and I are hoping to meet up with you somewhere along the trail, I dunno, Yosemite or Tahoe?

    You mentioned a battery for your cell phone and I wondered why no solar cell.


    • Yes! Come meet me in Yosemite or Tahoe (you know my Dad is hiking with me around Tahoe?).

      No solar cell because in the rain forest up north, might not be enough sun to fully charge the gizmo. With the “brick”, I will always have plenty of power.


  3. This is SO cool!! It is truly an inspiration for all of us. One thought I have is to take some homeopathic Rx that I use for “connective tissue” issues- Ruta Graveolens and Rhus tox -for sprains/strains. It’s all I use- had 2 sprained ankles in the last 2 years. Looking fwd to following. At least I want to send you some of my “famous” gluten free ginger snaps. Make sure to post how we can send you stuff to outposts-if that is an option


    • Ruta, Rhus, what? Can you be more specific? Like how much does it weigh, and do I eat it, or what?

      Ginger snaps, yes! I will definitely do a post about how, and where, and when to mail me care packages. Stay tuned.


  4. This is such a GREAT Adventure, I wish I could do it with….will be a GREAT Read that I Look forward to seeing as you post your daily…?, or however you decide to document your Journey down for “ALL” to come along on your journey in reading what you experience. I wish you every POSITIVE thing you may require to accomplish the entire HIKE…


  5. Viel Glück from your Myrtletown contingent. Same for David, may this be the beginning of the rest of your lovely young life. Health and wellbeing to all walkers.


  6. HI..as soon as i saw your background photo ,i felt i knew where that was, and i was right!!!! I live close by ruth lake.. that photo looks to be yolla bolly area ?? looking west?? Ill be on the trail the 26th.. maybe ill see you.. cheers!


  7. Hi Adam !!! My name is Maria Velasco & I am a friend of Christine Plowright’s. I went to school with her & before you started this journey she would often tell me about her friend Adam. She mentioned you were going to start this trip & I honestly could absorb all of what it involves. She shared you Blog & all I can say is ” You Amaze me”. I enjoy reading your travels & will continue to follow you until you finish. You are one tough Hombre & I respect you & all of your efforts. I am not a hiker but do love the Great Outdoors. Thank you for sharing your thought & experiences with us !!!!!!!! I will continue to pray for you !!!! Hike on & Be safe !!!!


  8. Checked in today to see your progress & wanted to let you know I am cheering you on !!!!! One step at a time got you to where your at today. Tomorrow each step will bring you farther- Be Proud, Be very Proud !!!! Be safe ~~~ & I Look forward to your next post


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