Zero One


Turns out a zero is not all that restful. There’s lots of chores to do like going to the gear store, planning the next two week’s food and water, buying the food, sorting the food into packs and bounce boxes, laundry, shower, town food. Don’t forget to relax!


Laundry. Such as it is.


But it’s true, I’ve managed to walk very little today. I try to punctuate each chore with a break. And it’s been another georgeous day!


In the late morning we went to the outfitter store to get some things. I’ve never seen so much gear packed into such a small space before! You could hardly turn around in there. But they did have a good selection and I got some dinners (hanging from the ceiling from a cord to conserve space) and bars. An employee (also avid hiker) named Puppy (because of her big eyes) was a big help.

We did some more chores in the afternoon and then went to the only restaurant for dinner. It was good. All the hikers sat around a big table, maybe 20 of us (including Puppy), and talked trail while we ate. Then we came back to our room and crashed around sunset.

I must admit, I spent a frustrating hour or two trying to figure out how to get photos from this iPhone onto this blog post, and failed. Are there any readers out there who can help me?

4 thoughts on “Zero One

  1. I remember that the WordPress app was a bit unusual dealing with images. Here is a link that is short and might help get you started. Reply to this message in a little more detail and maybe we can work though what is holding you up. I used the app during my thru-hike last year and was able to post picture when I had a cell-signal, but had difficulties when I was in airplane mode – is that your problem?


  2. Make sure your Word Press app for iPhone is at 2.9.5 or higher. Find the App store app on your iPhone. Get the Camera+ 3. If you have Camera+ 3.0 on your phone (and WordPress for iOS 2.9.5 or higher), you’ll be able to quickly post photos using the Camera+ app! Simply launch the WordPress app, and tap the Photo button.



  3. Try briandwatt’s suggestion. If the Word Press app is still as he says “a bit unusual dealing with images” and it’s still not working for you, I’d be happy to “gift” you the app on the app store. You need to log into the app store to receive the gift of course. It won’t take much time to download and install. At best it will work, at worst I’ll be out $4.

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    • So, reading back on this from 2016 I want to thank you Ray and Brian, because you gave me the right advice, I just didn’t hear you. You both assumed I already had the App, and I didn’t pick up that you were talking about the App, which at that point I didn’t even know existed. Thanks for trying! I’ll try to pay attention next time.


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