Camp in Boulder field – Mile 60


Another beatutiful day here with highs around 70. The trail was nice and easy today with little elevation gain and nice tread. We cruised pretty good. Got our 14 miles in less than six hours. I’m still sore, but less so. I hope that trend continues. I can feel strength building and I’m almost having fun!


Biggest bummer today was the crowds. Not only did we see about 20 other PCT hikers, but 30 or 40 day hikers as well. Makes it hard to take a pee with someone always coming around the corner and not much cover. We camped off trail among the boulders tonight so we can have some peace.


I thought I had a nice sandy spot to cowboy camp, but as soon as I put my pad down it got a hole in it. I cleaned the ground better, removing all the pokies. I found the hole pretty quickly and patched it right up like nothing! Sometimes it’s hard to find the leak without submerging the pad in water, which I didn’t have, so I got lucky and was grateful.


Unfortunately, we miscalculated our water and are running kind of lean. We’ll need to scoot three miles in the morning to the next source. I think we have enough to be comfortable.

3 thoughts on “Camp in Boulder field – Mile 60

  1. Re: photos for your blog: Open your camera, go to camera roll, open photo you want, open icon on lower left hand corner, select copy, paste into your blog post!


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