Look at me!

I did some magic for a thru-hiker named Lucy, aka “Busted”, and all that karma came back to me in spades today when she taught me how to imbed photos into my blog! Check it out!

Pretty cool! I spent so much energy and stress over the photo thing, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Busted for showing me the way. Turns out there is an app for that. Good to know.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more colorful blog posts from here out. Thank you Lucy!!!

6 thoughts on “Look at me!

    • I should be there next Saturday. Another zero to wait for the Post Office to open? I’ll be bouncing myself stuff too, so don’t worry about it. Just put my name on all sides. Dresser. I’ll get it. Thanks!


  1. Hi Glide, I am enjoying reading about your progress. I’m sure that you will be getting better physically as time goes on and you can stay ahead of the crowd. Living here in Humboldt when we go out to the woods and we see other people it’s way too crowded. I’m sure you will meet many great folks on the way however.


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