Back on The Trail.

I got up about 0730 and had a leisurely pack up. I have diarrhea again (I had a touch in Idyllwild), but at least I have a toilet. I’m always so much healthier in the woods. I don’t know what it is about town. Too many people too close together!

I walked 1.2 miles to the Post Office to get my bounce bucket and package. Glad to see that bucket! I was out of one of my prescription medications. I also scored some good backpacking dinners I was hoping were in there. I bounced the bucket up to Wildwood which means I will have another forced zero while I wait for the Post Office to open on Monday. Not that I probably won’t need a zero by then, but I’m thinking the bounce bucket will not bounce all the way to Canada. We’ll see.

After the Post Office I went to the grocery store and got some supplies including some huge apples and oranges. I know I will love them later this week, but man, my food bag is heavy with six days of food! My longest leg yet. The rule of thumb is two pounds of food per day, and I’m sure I have at least 12 pounds. I’m not super scientific with my food. I get a dinner for each night and a bunch of snacks and throw it all in my food bag and hope for the best. Usually, I have a pound or more left when I get to town. I’m just not that hungry. I don’t know where my hiker hunger is, but I seem to be doing fine.

After loading up with food, I walked a half mile or so to get to a better place to hitch. I got picked up in about ten minutes by a local who was headed to my trailhead for a day-hike. When I got picked up there to go into town on Saturday, just as I picked up my pack to throw it in the bed of the pickup, my favorite pink hankerchief broke loose and blew across the highway into the weeds, but I was too cold and tired and glad to get a ride to care. It occurred to me to look for it when I got back today, and there it was hung up in the guardrail!

I hit the trail around 1030. It was nice to be back.

For a while I had a view of the desert off to the east.

The trail was pretty easy today, and I just took an easy stroll all day. My left heal hurt from the time I got out of bed, and my right heal wasn’t too far behind. But I walked until six and got 14 trail miles in.

Mostly the trail was on the other side of the mountain from civilization, which was nice and quiet. Around four the trail turned to the other side and I took a nice break overlooking Big Bear Lake.

Then I walked until six and found a nice stealth spot on this knob of a ridge. Should be nice and quiet. If I stand up, I can see the lake!

I think tomorrow I go through a big burned area with the dreaded Poodle Dog Bush. I had never heard of this plant before reading PCT blogs, but apparently it can give you a bad rash similar to poison oak. Unlike poison oak, I don’t think it spreads by nasty oils, I think it’s tiny spines more like stinging nettle. I think my long pants and shirt will protect me. I’m not too worried.

(Post Trail Edit: “two pounds a day”…”usually a pound or more” when I get back to town. So, what? A half a day’s food? That actually seems about perfect. It’s really not good to run out of food or water, and you never know if you might get delayed.)

5 thoughts on “Back on The Trail.

  1. Love the pictures! You’re a natural at this. I feel like I’m there with you.
    You should consider your own show/publication where you hike the world and document your journey. Maybe start a crowd funding request to finance some treks around other destinations in the US, Canada, South America, Africa…


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