Trail Thoughts

I think I have some insight now into the pull of the trail. It all comes down to a very simple equation: Time Walked = Distance Traveled. And since distance is a big part of it, every minute spent walking is progress. Every step! You get a little pat on the back every minute you keep moving. Which is awesome, and addicting.

Of course, there is the dark, other side of that. Taking a break is not progress. Stopping to mess with your pack is not progress. Stopping to eat, stopping to take a pebble out of your shoe, stopping to take a picture: Not Progress.

It gets to where you don’t want to stop for anything, and as soon as you do, you feel it. What’s wrong? Why are we stopping? We should get moving again soon. Only when I am in camp am I released from the Pull of The Trail.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about and meaning to mention, was last weekend in Big Bear was about 266 miles. Which is to say, I’ve hiked over ten percent of the trail! But I have very mixed feelings about it.

I’m glad that I have come so far so fast. It certainly seems like I have a good chance of actually pulling this off. Ten percent is nothing to sneeze at.

But I’m also like, what? One whole tenth down and only nine tenths to go? Maybe it sounds crazy, but it’s like the beginning of the end somehow. I’m not ready for this to end by a long shot!

Maybe I’ll feel different in a couple months. Guess we’ll see.

Here’s a look at my boulder camp looking west:

BTW, if you’re wondering what the background music to the Pacific Crest Trail is, it’s a jet flying over at 30,000 feet. I seem to be constantly under some flight path.


7 thoughts on “Trail Thoughts

  1. I think that progress is important, but so is stopping to enjoy the progress you’ve made and are making. Maybe don’t focus on the fact that one tenth of your hike is done but on the fact that you have nine tenths of a life altering journey ahead of you. Keep trudging on and enjoy all the moments, sights, sounds and experiences the world is presenting to you. Happy and safe travels.


  2. Ya, I was wondering if they had a milepost for 10%.

    Two things you said makes me wonder, what’s it going to be like when you get home to Arcata and NOT walking all day? I imagine that will be quite an adjustment.


  3. You still sound very motivated and that is great. I am following a few of you hikers by blog and you seem the most determined. Your doing wonderful.

    I was wondering if you would share some pics of camp setup such as tent, cooking, meal options you are enjoying, etc.?


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