A Pretty Good Day

(I was going to call this post A Good Day until the end part)

I had a great night in my little stealth camp. It was super quiet and safe feeling. I slept in until 0630 and took a whole hour to pack up. I had no place to go and plenty of time to get there, so I just started walking real casual like, and the morning was beautiful!

Then after about an hour, I started walking into an old burn.

But the trail was cruiser so I just glided along. I walked six miles in two and a half hours, then 12 by 1330. Much of the trail was down Holcomb Creek, which was kind of pretty.


Up until then, I hadn’t had to carry much water, which was probably why I was feeling so good and making miles. At mile 12, I had to load up for a 16 mile stretch plus camp/dinner. Opted for five liters and some change. That extra 12 pounds or so was incredibly noticable, to eschew profanity. My feet hurt almost instantly. My pace dropped to “plod”. And I was tired. And the worst part was slogging up out of that canyon with all the gnats! Buzzing in my face. It’s a miracle I didn’t hit myself in the face with a trekking pole trying to wave them off.

I was planning to hike until five, but I could barely make it to 1630. Also, there were some nice boulders for stealth camping there, and it looked like camping up ahead in the next few miles might not be as good. So, bird in the hand and all that.

I’m near Mile 297, so 17 trail miles today. I’ve been walking west toward this mountain range all day. The San Gabriel’s? I’m not too good at my So Cal geography and I’m not learning much out here in the woods. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m hidden away in a clump of boulders. Not quite as nice as last night, but it will do. Here’s a view from camp looking back to where I was this morning:

Going by Deep Creek Hot Springs tomorrow. We’ll see how many drunk naked local people are there. I should probably take a soak, but if it’s crowded at all, I think I will pass.

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Good Day

  1. Yes, those are the San Gabriel Mountains that separate the So Cal basin from the Mojave Desert (aka the High Desert). Deep Creek will be freezing cold. Best of luck!


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