Where Am I?

Well, I know I’m at the Pines Motel in Wrightwood, but that’s not really what I meant. It’s a beautiful day here and the air smells like sunlight on pine needles.

The moon is full again, which means I’ve been gone from home for a whole month (I’m going with lunar months while I’m on the trail). My goal for the first month was to still be on the trail, and I think I’ve done a good job with that. Everyday I feel stronger and have less pain, and I can’t believe how far I have come (363 miles)! I’m definitely still on the trail and feeling like I’m getting in shape to really mash some miles.

The bad news is, I’m only halfway across the desert, and I think the second half is even more waterless and desolate than what I’ve already been through. I keep looking forward to the Sierra and all the other really beautiful places that lay ahead and I plan to make 20 miles my standard daily mileage goal, more if I can. I hope to be in Kennedy Meadows (the start of the Sierra) in three weeks. It would be cool to be there on my birthday (the 21st), but it doesn’t look like I will make it. Oh well, I’ll just pretend the 23rd or whatever is my birthday (they have ice cream there).

One month in is also a little bittersweet the way 10% was. If I catch up to my initial schedule (looks like I will be a day or two behind at KM) then I am one fifth of the way done. I’m feeling like I don’t want to be any part of the way done, but there it is. I may slow down a bit in the prettier parts ahead, but if I keep hiking, I will keep getting closer to the end. Oh well, there’s always more hikes to be hiked. I think when I get home I will try to become an influence on The Bigfoot Trail, which is in its infancy, is near my home, and is a lot more wild. I think it’s only 400 miles or so. Maybe I can hike the PCT and still have time left over for the Bigfoot before my leave of absence runs out. Or part of it.

Anyway, things are good, all systems are go. I am planning on hiking to Tehachapi by the 13th and taking a double zero there to rest and get all my resupply together up to Tahoe. Yes, I’m planning a two day vacation from my “vacation”.

And the best part is, I’m starting to have fun! As my body gets stronger, I’m starting to have more fun. I saw my calf muscles yesterday in the shower and they are getting pretty sculpted looking. The human body is amazing! Can’t wait to see where I am and how things are in another month!


Accidental selfie. Accidental Clint Eastwood look.

5 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Heck of an adventure Adam! It is nice to see your pic’s of the S.Cal countryside keep them coming.
    Do you have a good link for a map to follow your adventure?



  2. You were in my dream last night. It was nice to visit for a minute and of course it made me check out the blog this morning. Looks like you are making progress my friend. I’m so happy for you and grateful that you are sharing this adventure. Stay safe and every once in a while ignore the need to push through. This will only happen once.


  3. Nice to hear you’re having more fun as you gain strength. I’m still hoping to find the time to get over to that side of the planet and work some trail magic.


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