My ridge camp was kind of buggy, despite the wind. I couldn’t believe it. The wind would die down to nothing and the skeeters would come out. Then, out of nowhere a gust of wind like 50 MPH would blow up and I was thinking, “Take that suckers! That wind is going to blow you right off this mountain!” But within seconds of the wind dying down, the mosquitoes were back. I don’t know how they do it, but clearly they have their ways.

I didn’t sleep well again. Maybe it’s the big moon. It was like sleeping under a streetlight! No matter. I got up at 0700 and hit the trail before 0800. Here’s a look at my stealth camp in the morning:


I felt good and it was a beautiful day. Here’s another look at Gorgonio and Jacinto with different light. Maybe you can see them better.

Later on, when I got higher, I thought I saw the mountain behind San Jacinto, which would have been where I slept the day I went to Mike’s Place over two weeks ago! Crazy.

The first four hours was steady uphill climb with nice views. Nice to be up in the mountains where there are trees and it’s not too hot. I could see the desert though.

As the trail finally crested the ridge, I got a look to the northwest. I think this is Mount Baden-Powell, and I think I go up there very soon.

I took the Acorn Trail down into town. Short trail (3 miles) but very steep. Here’s one for the earth scientists reading:

(For those of you who know what I’m talking about, it’s not half as big as Mule Slide)

It was longer getting down than I thought, and I had to walk through almost a mile of these gigantic houses. There’s some serious money in this town.

But I got here around two, and I got some beer and it’s time to get cleaned up. Six days living in the desert will get you pretty dirty!

I’ll have a more reflective post tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Wrightwood

  1. Hey Adam! Guess what we have the same moon outside our bedroom window and if I forget to close the blind it shines right in on our bed.
    Yesterday we found this taco restaurant, Agave, in Ashland we’d love to take you to when you come through.
    One more thought – that “speed walker” who set a record for doing the PCT did not spend much time sleeping, and wrote that when there was a moon she would just keep on walking. To each her own, I guess, personally I like dreams.
    Take care


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