Casa De Luna

Woke up yesterday and everything was wet. It only rained about a hundredth of an inch, but it was enough to get everything wet. Turns out my new tarp is HUGE. Twice as big as I need, so I will have to trim it down soon.

The day started out cool and foggy. Just like home and perfect hiking weather!


The sun did come out mid-morning, but it wasn’t too hot. I really lucked on this section because there is no shade and usually it is very hot.


I walked the road (2 miles off trail) into Green Valley and stopped at the store for beer and sunglasses (lost mine yesterday somewhere). I could barely fit the (12 pack of bottles) beer in my pack and it was a really heavy pack those last few blocks.

But I got to the Anderson’s, aka Casa de Luna, aka Hippy Daycare, about 1430 and started drinking beer and relaxing with everyone.


I caught up to my friends from Humboldt (now known as Goulet and Space Kitty)! They left a day before me and I have been chasing them the whole time. They got sucked into the vortex here and are on their second zero, which is how I was able to catch them.

I had a nice little campsite in back of the Manzanita forest.

They even have some disc golf baskets!

They fed us some awesome taco salad around dusk, as is the tradition. I stayed up to hear Terri talk about the history of Casa de Luna and their relationship with the trail and hikers. It was kind of moving, I got a little teary. Good people. But after the speech, I was definitely ready for bed.



I was one of the first people up in the morning and I was ready to hike by six. That’s when I found out the next part of the trail is closed and there is a 21 mile road walk detour.


So this became my map. But because I somehow took the picture upside down, if I tried to rotate my phone it just turned it upside down again. Fun times!

Oh well. Terri Anderson saw me thinking about walking out (2 extra miles) and took pity on me and gave me a ride back to the trailhead before she had to be back to serve the traditional pancake breakfast. I felt the love!

I started road walking into the sunrise. But the shoulder isn’t too bad and the road has taken me to Lake Hughes where I am enjoying a proper breakfast at The Rock Inn.


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