I had a nice camp in the dry arroyo, except for the Rodent Of Usual Size (ROUS) who, before I could find my light, had my bag of RitzBitz half way down its rat hole (I got it back). Little bugger. I peed on his hole when I left but he probably liked the salt.

I hit the trail at 0620, and it was a nice morning, although strangely quiet with no birds. Road walk again today, but at least it’s dirt road.



I don’t know who that hiker is, way ahead of me. I never caught up to them.

It was a nice day, probably in the 80’s. Absolutely no shade for miles, so I really lucked out. I think this stretch is often near 100 degrees or more. A lot of people hike this section at night.


I think this might be a picture of a rabbit


Around mid-day I walked into a wind farm. Pretty amazing to be so close to such huge machines.

I had to go about twenty miles to get to the next water. I got there around 1630 and was thinking of walking on another hour, but as I was going down into Tylerhorse Canyon I could see the trail ahead and it looked like this:


Now, I’m pretty good at finding a place to camp pretty much anywhere, but that burned over landscape looked particularly challenging, I was hurting, having already hiked 20 miles, and I only had 16 miles to go to get into Tehachapi tomorrow, so I decided to camp there by the stream instead. Everyone else was camped right where the trail crosses but I hiked downstream a ways and found a nice spot under one of the only trees I had seen all day. And it was good.


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