Tehachapi Time

I’m really glad I decided to take a triple zero here. I don’t know how I would have done all my chores and still get some rest in less time. Zeros mean you don’t hike any trail miles, it doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. Between the planning, the shopping, the packing, the mailing, and the eating and sleeping, there is a lot to do. Basically, I tried to arrange/plan everything from here to Tahoe, which is over 500 miles away. I’m thinking I will be there in 37 days and have portioned out my food and medications accordingly.

I slept poorly last night, maybe trying to digest the huge dinner I ate. Last night I got a nice top sirloin steak with au gratin potatoes and a salad, but was still feeling a little peckish and got a whopper, fries, chicken nuggets and a shake from Burger King. Yeah.

Or it’s my nose. Being in the desert has somehow clogged my nasal passages to where it’s difficult to breathe with my mouth closed, which is how I usually (try to) sleep. I’ve been waking up in the night gasping for air. It can’t be good for me, but it should go away once I get back up in the mountains.

My main issue is trying to get everything mailed to Kennedy Meadows for my entry into the Sierra. I’ve got my tent coming from one place, my pile pants from another, and seven days of food mailed from here. It will be a miracle if I don’t have to wait a day or two in KM waiting for my stuff.

But the good news is, a friend of my Dad, who has known me since I was about five, was able to drive here from Bakersfield and bring me some backpacking dinners (which I can’t get here), take me to the Post Office (over a mile away), and a ride to the drug store. That was such a huge help! Here’s a crappy photo to protect our identities:

I’m a little nervous about the trail ahead. The next 100 miles is some of the driest (i.e., big water carries) and then I’m in the Sierra, where apparently, it keeps snowing. I’m going up there with no crampons, no ice axe, so, wish me luck. Obviously, I think I can make it with that. I am bringing the snow baskets for my trekking poles.

But yeah, I think this next part might be the hardest. I’ll carry six days of food and 16 miles of water out of here. I shipped 7 days of food to KM, to get me to Bishop in about two weeks.

I’m just barely walking normally after almost three days off. My heals still hurt. Maybe they will hurt all the way to Canada? Whatever. I’m going to keep walking.

I’m grateful for the third zero because it gave me time to do stuff like find the hole in my pad and patch it, and go in the hot tub again. Honestly, it was cold here in town all day, and I feel worried for those who left today. Can’t wait to hear their stories.

Now, if I could just get a ride back to the trail…

5 thoughts on “Tehachapi Time

  1. Adam, just wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying your posts – Personally – I have zero zip nada hell-no uh-uh not-in-a-million-years desire to do what you are doing but I am cheering you on! Can’t wait till you are BACK AT WORK (did I say a dirty word?) to hear the “rest of the story”


  2. Hey Glide, in light of recent reports of snow conditions in the Sierras, I mailed you my microspikes at Kennedy Meadows and they should arrive Thursday, 5/21. I’m sure you have a better idea of snow conditions and I’m sure you’ve used microspikes before, but just in case you haven’t, they’re good for traction on packed-down snow or icy trails, which is what I found in the North Cascades when I was finishing in 2013. If you decide not to use them and can’t send them back then don’t worry, they were given to me by another hiker that year so I still come out ahead. 🙂


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