Death March

I felt like crap leaving Tehachapi, but I loaded up with 6 days of food and 16 miles of water (4 liters, 8.8 pounds) for an all-day, uphill climb.


Fortunately, it was a nice day, around 80 with a nice breeze. I called a cab for me and my Humboldt friends (Space Kitty and Goulet) to take us to the trailhead. I think we got picked up around 9 and hit the trail at 9:30.



I was soo tired, I just wanted to sleep, and the trail kept taunting me with lots of great spots. But at 1330 I realized I had just enough water to make it to the next spring, and at the rate I was going, I would get there right around dark. No time for naps. No time for anything except to keep walking.



Many pictures I took because it was so beautiful. Some I took because I can’t believe I am walking through this!



keep walking


I made it to the spring around 1930, got some water and walked another five minutes before heading off trail to sleep under some windmills.

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