Zero in KM

There was supposed to be a ride to the local restaurant (Grumpy’s, 3.5 miles away) at 0715 for breakfast, but when I went out front there was over 40 hikers waiting. I think there is over 60 hikers here. I decided to skip that, which turned out to be a good move. Some people didn’t get their breakfast until 11:30! And pretty much everyone was stuck there waiting for a ride back. I stayed behind and started drinking beer when the store opened around nine.

I did laundry and cleaned up in the outdoor shower.  Finished off the day with an awesome burger and some hot dogs. Town food!







(Those are not my bottle cap crampons, but I though it was a creative idea)

Some hikers are going to town (Lone Pine). My hiking gloves are shot, so I gave them $40 and asked them to get me a new pair.



These gloves are done

I went over to Tom’s place (who I met back at Mike’s house (mile 160)) and played some disc golf. It was after noon, and it was hot, and I was getting drunk. We only played 7 or 8 holes before I was too embarrassed to continue. Tom was cool with it. Cool guy.

When I got back, my “Chrome Dome” had blown away. There was a brushy field downwind, and a barbed wire fence, but I looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Should have tied it down, I guess.


Homemade disc golf basket

4 thoughts on “Zero in KM

  1. Super happy to hear that you got to disc golf there. I wish I could have been there. Too busy getting moved into my new place though. You will have to tell me all about it when you get back.


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