End of the desert 

Very frosty morning!

IMG_0434I was on trail by 0540. I could already see thunderstorms building by 0800.






Okay, this is definitely a picture of a rabbit

Goat caught up to me so I had him take a picture. We hiked together to Kennedy Meadows. He was pretty excited about celebrating my birthday, and I’m cool with that.


Hiker Trash

It started raining a little after ten. So, I had some major motivation! Beer! food! Expecting four packages! And get out of the rain! With no food and no water I even ran down some sections of trail and we made it to Kennedy Meadows by 1215.

Goat bought me some birthday beer and we drank it on the porch, right by the front door of the store, but also not in the rain. I requested the packages that were sent to me, and it took awhile (like an hour), but I got all four I was expecting! Like Christmas! or a Birthday!

One of the new items was my tent, so I went in the back forty behind the store and pitched it, and “made camp”, before heading back down to the porch party.

I drank beer and socialized until bedtime.


One thought on “End of the desert 

  1. I am really really happy for You😀You have tackled the Mohave😎Forresters was walk in the park😜Enjoy the Mountians ! Call when you can😉”W”


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