Mather Pass

My camp was up around 11,500 feet, so I wasn’t surprised to see the frost this morning. I was on trail by six.


I had few cruiser miles down and then started going up Mather Pass. The up wasn’t too bad. Not too steep.

I got to the top by 1115.


The snow was just right going down the north side, but still slow. Then the real down started- 4,000 feet of it. I think this is called the “Golden Staircase”, and I pity south bounders (mostly JMT hikers) who have to climb up it. It beat me up good going down and I had new foot pains I haven’t had before from the new shoes, new socks, or having wet feet all day, I don’t know.


I finally got some cruiser trail and busted ass to make some miles on my crippled feet until I couldn’t take it anymore around 1830. Adding up the miles I couldn’t believe I went 19.4 miles today! I feel so slow and my pack is so heavy.

Saw my first mosquitoes here (like three of them). Only ten miles tomorrow to the top of Muir Pass, but it’s all uphill – 4,000 feet up.

Wow. That’s pretty.

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