Pinchot Pass Kicked My Ass

I thought it was a warm night, I even took off my down jacket (which I often sleep in), so I was surprised to see so much frost on top my sleeping bag. I just wanted to get away from all those people. I was on trail by 0550. I hope I left a good impression of a thru-hiker: rolling into camp at dark and gone before sunrise.

I was really tired after yesterday, but my stupid schedule has me down for 18 miles today. I managed close to 2 mph going down, but going up all seven miles of Pinchot Pass I slowed to 1 mph.


It’s crazy how much water there is! Not long ago my life revolved around where I could find water. Now it’s everywhere and the game has changed to trying to keep my feet dry! There is water, sometimes inches of it, running right down the trail.



I saw the Korean guy throughout the day. He kept stopping with me if he saw me taking a break and tried to strike up a conversation, even though we don’t speak the same language and he’s terrible at the sign language, pantomime thing. Very awkward and really harshed my buzz. Breaks are when I take in the beauty and contemplate where I am and what I’m doing.


My pack was soo heavy and the giant stone steps were tough. Many are knee high or a little more. Apparently, this is a good height for mules. Since this trail wouldn’t be here without mules (and dynamite), I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Nevertheless, very slow going.



The Korean guy caught me at the pass, so I had him take a picture of me at the top. He’s big on pictures and would have taken a lot more but I shut him down after three.




The snow wasn’t too bad on the north side but I still took the first campsite I could find, at Lake Marjory, at 1830. Totally exhausted and not having fun.



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