Mammoth Zero

I slept in today, all the way to 0630! I wish I would have slept more, but I’m glad I got up early because, like most zeros, there was a lot to do today.

First, I updated this blog. Then I made some necessary phone calls and caught up on my emails (sorry Facebook friends, Facebook is such a time suck it’s low on my list and may not get there before I head out again). Then I planned out my menu for the next two weeks, made a shopping list, and walked most of a mile to the grocery store to buy it all. I brought the food back to my room, repackaged everything for backpacking, and sorted it all into what I am leaving town with, what I am mailing ahead to Tuolumne Meadows, and what I am mailing to my uncle (who has graciously agreed to drive up from the Bay Area to Sonora Pass and trade me the food I sent for my bear canister – can’t wait to get rid of that thing). Then I walked to the Post Office to mail the packages and pick up some new socks my Dad mailed me. They seem a lot thicker than the ones they are replacing even though they are the same brand. I hope they work as well as the old ones. Then I had to go to the drug store, back to the outfitter for camp stove fuel, and the convenience store for beer, smokes, and candy bars. By then I was so hungry I went across the street and ate McDonalds for lunch. I paid bills online, downloaded some RadioLab podcasts in case I’m stuck in my tent, patched the hole in my air mattress, made arrangements to get a ride back to the trail tomorrow, and packed up a little.


I am SO tired today. By the time I thought I should fit a nap into my schedule it was after three, which is kind of too late for napping. “Hiker Midnight” is 9, and I’ll be lucky to make that, although my ride doesn’t leave until nine so maybe I can sleep in more tomorrow.

I got some bad news from home. My car was involved in an accident and the air-bags deployed and the phrase “like a can-opener” was used to describe the driver’s side. My car was supposed to be parked in my backyard while I am gone. I’m not upset with my friend for driving it, and it sounds like it wasn’t his fault, but that wasn’t really the news I wanted to hear from home. Hopefully the other guy’s insurance will fix my car. I won’t be home for another three months, so I hope it’s all over by then.

Tired as I am, I am still heading out tomorrow and try to get in 15+ miles. The spice this week is some weather. Probably some burly thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and then Wednesday looks downright stormy with possibly rain all day, high winds, and violent thunderstorms. I suppose it will be a good test of my rain gear before I get to Washington. If I wasn’t on such a tight schedule I might stay here and rest for two more days (Mammoth Lakes really is a nice town), but that’s not an option.

Most of my pushing big miles is to hike around Tahoe with my Dad. I’m really looking forward to that, but I hope after Donner Summit I never use the word “schedule” on this blog again. After Donner I plan to change things up and hike as fast or as slow as I want. I’ll hike for six months and I’ll get to Canada or I won’t. Whatever. I could be having more fun, and that’s my plan. Actually, once I get rid of that bear canister and my pack weight goes back down I think I will be fine.

So, I’m going to rally and go down to the jacuzzi and pool for one last soak, get some food delivered to my room (zpizza was awesome last night BTW), and crash and burn in flames.

I think service will be better going forward. They have service in Yosemite, right? I should be in Tuolumne Meadows in three days.

4 thoughts on “Mammoth Zero

  1. Tracking your journey and you’re doing awesome. You have been and are in one of the most remote and spectacular parts the PCT has to offer. Like your plan to have fun. Enjoy!


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