Over The Hump

Well, cowboy camping last night failed. I was so tired, I thought I’d try it, maybe see the stars again. But I couldn’t see the stars through the bug-bivy, besides they come out too late. Then a hard dew had fallen by midnight. The top of my bag was soaked. Then a breeze began to blow. Then it dropped below freezing. There was heavy frost on my bag when I broke camp at six. Cold.

I love how easy it is to find a stealth spot in the Sierra. They’re everywhere.

Fairly nice trail up to Dorothy Lake Pass except for all the mud-holes.


WTF Yosemite? I thought this was one of our premier National Parks! I thought the PCT was a National Scenic Trail. You would think when the two come together they could make a nice trail.


I had a very nice lunch at Dorothy Lake. It was a bit breezy and I had to put large rocks on my stuff to keep it from blowing away while I was trying to dry it.

Almost instantly past the park boundary the trail got better and I got cell service!!!!!! I was able to call my Uncle Jay and he is able to meet me tomorrow (Tuesday) and not Wednesday as planned when I left Mammoth. This was a huge relief. I was all planning how slow I would go, even contemplating a nap when I realized I still had quite a few miles to go to be at Sonora Pass on time. So I kept walking until 1730.

I saw a nice looking coyote in a meadow. He was running off before I could get a good picture.


I wanted to get up high, away from the mosquitoes and bears, so I camped on this windy pass around 10,000 feet. Found this nice stealth spot nestled in some trees. Once I set my tarp up, it was quite pleasant in there! I took my shoes and socks off and was able to let my feet air out without fear of insect bites.




Stealth camping.


You can see my shelter now with the sun on it.

IMG_0682Very quiet and peaceful up here.

It was really awesome until I got bored. 1730 is kind of early to camp but there was nothing for miles after that, so….

I can’t believe how much food I have! Yes, I’ve made up two days, and therefore have two days of extra food, but I have more than that. At bedtime I packed and re-packed the bear canister until I just barely fit everything in. At last! Then I looked over and saw the super-size Snickers. Doh!

2 thoughts on “Over The Hump

  1. That would have been my sign to eat the Snickers…..since the bear canister was full an all:)

    Just curious, how is the possible ingrown toe feeling? Did you try the duct tape or you found another solution to the problem?


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