Slow Day

It was quite warm last night. I’m going to need a new sleeping system if it doesn’t get below 50 at night. I broke camp at 0630 and hiked out of Sonora Pass on another gorgeous day.

IMG_0696  IMG_0697

I made terrible time in the morning because I kept stopping to drink beer. I had three. I wish every break my pack got 12 ounces lighter! Then I started in on the whiskey. But it just made me tired all afternoon. Drinking and hiking don’t really mix, which is a shame, being two of my favorite things.



It was so beautiful, and I only saw one person all day. I kept stopping to take breaks and not wanting to get up and hike again. Finally, around five I gave in and made camp. Partly this was so I could camp in the granite, partly it was because it was four miles to the next water, and partly it was because I was tired and my ankle hurt. It was a whimpy 15 mile day, but if I do three 20’s I should be on time to meet my Dad in Tahoe on Saturday.


Now there’s a nice stealth camp. So many leaning rocks!

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