Poor Little Feet

PCT mile 1030.7 to 1050.7

As you can see from the mileage, I really wanted to get 20 miles in and it was all I could do.





I felt pretty good most of the day and then I started getting new foot pain, on the soles of my feet between my arches and my toes. I finally looked around four and the skin there is pasty white with little red holes. It reminds me a lot of when I got trench foot in the Olympic Mountains once. This encouraged me to camp early so I could air those puppies out.


Didn’t stop me from hiking a quarter mile off trail and up a hundred feet or so to find a nice private campspot on a granite knob.

Otherwise, it was a beautiful day hiking through some beautiful country and I saw very few people (4). This is exactly what I hoped the PCT would be like.

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