If it’s not one thing, It’s another…

I’ve had many pains on this trip. Seems like just when something stops hurting, something else starts. This time, just as my ankle was getting better and I was really starting to feel Trail Legs under me, I have some problem with my toe.

My expert medical team (my dad and stepmom) have diagnosed it as gouty arthritis. It’s red and swollen and there’s a possibility of infection. If it doesn’t look a whole lot better in the morning, then I will go see a doctor tomorrow but either way I’m not going back to Squaw Valley tonight as originally planned.

I couldn’t think of a better place to be laid up for a few days. Kathy’s place is out at the end of the road on a ridge. Very quiet. There’s a little platform with a view we can walk out to and watch the sunset in the evening. Kathy has offered to let me stay here all summer if I need to, which is incredibly nice (she’s been an amazing Angel!), but I’m restless to get back to the trail. I’ll stay here in Nevada City as long as I think I might need medical attention, then I want to start walking again. With where I stopped Kathy can always scoop me up from Donner Pass or Sierra City if things don’t work out.

I’m actually not at all sad that Dad and I didn’t make it to Donner Pass. I’m happy to go back to Squaw Valley and pick up the trail there. I love it there. It’s some kind of nexus for me. And it’s my chance to stretch out the last of the Sierra. And of course, the logistics mentioned above if my injury doesn’t heal fast enough. I think it’s a good plan and I’m excited to try it!

Damn toe.

5 thoughts on “If it’s not one thing, It’s another…

  1. So sorry to hear about the toe. Hope it doesn’t hold you up for too long. I had a similar condition in my left great toe – Hallus rigidus, basically arthritic bone spurs that enlarged and stiffened my toe joint, making it progressively (over a few years) painful to walk. Ultimately I had surgery and it’s much better, although the surgeon did indicate it would probably come back and I would eventually have to have the joint fused. Hope that doesn’t happen to you. Before surgery, I could still hike – it just became an issue of pain tolerance.

    I’d like to meet up with you in the Klamaths somewhere, if you keep going and I can swing it. I’ll keep following along. Have a great rest of your hike once you get rolling again!

    – Fred the Geologist, alias Native Elf


    • Thanks Native Elf! Looks I am getting off easy with just a garden variety infection. It would be great to see you on the trail! Let’s keep in touch incase I need something from the coast. Probably not, but you never know.


      • There are needs, and then there are NEEDS. Let me know if I can help. Another place I’ve thought of trying to run into you is Crater Lake. Took a rest stop on the PCT there with my wife a few years back.


    • Native Elf! I don’t know if you will get this so many years later, but if you do I would like to contact you regarding this Hallus rigidus. I’ve had something sounds similar happening to my left great toe and I would love to compare notes. And catch up in general! adamtldresser at gee mail dawt com.


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