Squaw Creek

So, it appears that the proximate cause of my toe pain that has taken me off the trail was an ingrown hair that became infected. Yes, that’s right, you can become too crippled to walk from one tiny little hair on your tiny little toe. It’s kind of amazing how many things can take you out. It seems amazing that me or anyone else could even make it this far with all the things that could go wrong. I certainly didn’t see this one coming.

So, I saw a doctor and am now on antibiotics. There’s not much change yet, my toe hurts like hell even in bed, but I’ve only been on the drugs for a little over 24 hours, so I guess that’s normal. Hopefully, the pain begins to ease tomorrow.

I had a great time at Kathy’s house, but I am too anxious to get back to the trail. This morning I had her drive me back to the Resort at Squaw Creek where I have many fond memories of ski trips with my family and where I can walk back to the trail as soon as my toe feels better. I began my stay with a nice four-hour nap.

It’s 1630 now, so it’s beginning to look unlikely that I will hit the trail early tomorrow, but we will see what healing the night brings. If I have to stay another day, I will. I still have plenty of time to make it to Canada.

This place is pretty busy! I thought it would be sleepy, being mid-week in the summer and all, but I think they are almost full. Apparently, next weekend is The Fourth of July. Who knew?

The other thing that’s going on here is the heat. It’s around 90 here in Tahoe, 109 in Sacramento and 115 in Redding. Looks like I will be heading into some serious heat for a while. I’ve spent the last few days outside on the porch to acclimate, and I mailed away my sleeping bag! I think my thin bag-liner will be enough for a while. I had a nice cool crossing of the Mojave Desert, so I guess I deserve it. Chrome Dome may finally get some real use.

5 thoughts on “Squaw Creek

  1. Just a reminder, your iPhone should be used only between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F) and stored between -20º and 45º C (-4º to 113º F). If we’re talking 115º F, turn it off and wait.


  2. The hair is mightier than the man! Yes, it has been very hot and I hope you don’t have any issues with forest fires. I’m glad to hear that you plan to take time to enjoy your time on the trail and take time to mend as needed. Although I understand the itchiness to get back to the trail.

    I’m on Prince of Wales Island right now and was concerned for a while that I would miss you in central Oregon, but that will not come to pass. We left triple digits so are loving the cool and tranquil island life of SE Alaska.

    I presume you can get and receive texts. Be sure to ping me when you get closer so that we can make final arrangements to meet up.

    Keep moving forward and mind those nasty hairs.



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