Setback City

if you’re wondering why I’m not hiking the PCT today, here’s why:

Yeah, I woke up this morning and saw that, I knew I needed to get out of Squaw Valley and back to medical facilities. I cried a little. The Chief Expedition Medic (my Dad) sugested I go back to the clinic where I was seen on Monday, and that’s what I did.

Thank God for my Angel Kathy! If she hadn’t come right then, I would have rented a car and I might have driven all the way home. But she did!

The clinic took me in and determined that my infection wasn’t responding to the antibiotics! No, really? Time to slice and drain and pack the wound with gauze. Maybe my memory fades, but it might have been the most painful experience of my life.

Again, thank God Kathy is here. They took a culture, so we should know exactly what demon we’re dealing with and be able to get the right antibiotic.

Until then, I’ll be convalecing at Kathy’s house, probably for a week or more.

But I’m not giving up! I’m not going back to the trail until I’m all healed. One week? 10 days? Two weeks? Whatever it takes. Kathy has said I can stay here all summer, if I need too, but after a week sitting on my scrawny ass, I really can’t wait to be able to walk normally and get back on the trail.

So, I might not post much for a few days. I’m safe. If the antibiotics kick in I should be feeling better soon. Stay tuned…

15 thoughts on “Setback City

  1. Holy moses Adam. The hike of your life and a fricking stray hair tries to mess with you. Thank goodness you’re out to get it fixed. Stress builds resilience and when your wheel is fixed, you’re going to be recharged and ready for the time of your life. You’ve got six months to have an adventure, whatever it brings!


  2. Sorry about the setback. Sure looks like one angry toe! Have enjoyed your posts along the trek and will be glad
    When you are able to resume the trail.


  3. If it doesn’t respond in a couple of days to antibiotics or if it gets worse, switch to stronger/different antibiotics. Clean it several times a day iodine or silver and apply antiseptic gel or keep it covered to avoid new infection. Or ask the doctor.


  4. Holy shit! That looks nasty, like those bad spider bites. Hard to believe an ingrown hair can do that.

    But I know it won’t keep you down and you’ll be back on the trail soon. Be sure to take plenty of “pain killers”. 🙂


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