Back In The Traces

I was going to call this post “Back in the Saddle”, but I’m not riding a horse. I feel more like a Sled-dog that wants to pull.

Except I didn’t want to pull much today. For some reason our hotel was blessed with lots of foreigners. I made friends with some dudes from Switzerland and we drank margaritas until 2 or 3. I was hoping to be on the trail by 8, but that doesn’t happen when you stay up drinking margaritas and smoking and partying until three. I had a great time though.

I rallied around nine and we were at the trailhead by ten something. We hung out too long. I was reluctant to leave Kathy and town behind. She said I could call any time today, or tomorrow, and she’d come back and pick me up and drive me home. So sweet!

I started walking around 11:30.

And it was HOT!

Yes, my toe hurt, and all the rest of me felt whimpy after so much time off. I would say I “started slow and then tapered off”, but I was pretty slow all day.

But thats all fine. I’ve got nowhere to be. I love being back in my biome, where I know what’s going on.

I’m quitting early today, but I feel good about the six miles I did. I like being outside. It’s good to be back!


I’m camping right by the trail near the East Fork of Sulphur Creek, but I’ve only seen one other hiker today, so it should be a nice quiet night. It’s so hot, even sleeping just in my clothes is too warm, but there’s too many bugs to sleep naked.

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