Gliding On

I had a bit of a scare when I woke up. My phone was completely and totally dead. I had sent the paper maps for this section up the trail to Drakesbad Guest Ranch, but I skipped that part of the trail and so I don’t have paper maps again until I get to Ashland. But I’ve been fine with Halfmile’s App on my phone. I can find the trail no problem, it’s knowing where to get water that I really need.

But I plugged it into my “brick” right away, and by the time I broke camp it was working again. Whew! And it was good too, because up the trail aways I got service on this rock and called my Dad. I told him about my indecisions and fears and had a bit of a cry. I don’t know what I’m doing out here anymore.

Then I hiked back up to the trail and moved on.

It really is too pretty to stop here. I’m absolutely walking to Ashland before I do anything hasty like quit the trail. Right?


And Lucy is absolutely right about how beautiful Washington is. I really want to see that, which is whole reason I skipped ahead in the first place. I’m not out of this game yet.

The trail has been pretty easy the last few days, for which I’m grateful. My legs are sore from the time I get up, but everything else seems fine, so I hope to be in good form pretty soon.

I can see the Trinity Alps now, which is exciting. I’m trying to see the high mountains on the other side where I work sometimes, but it’s hard to tell what I’m looking at from this side.

Coming out here with out a sleeping bag was a big mistake, we’ll leave it at that. I’m getting off in Cecilville for a few days and my friend Chris will meet me there and bring me a sleeping bag from home. Folks, don’t go backpacking above 5,000 feet without a sleeping bag.

Otherwise, pretty quiet day on the trail. Saw a big bear. Looks like we may be out of the thunderstorms for a while.

You didn’t really think I was going to quit, did you?

7 thoughts on “Gliding On

  1. I was quite surprised to hear you were debating it. I have been following a few of you and so far you are the only one left out there. Your doing great….just enjoy the moment.


  2. Like the man said, don’t quit on a bad day, and to that I’d add Not until you’re fully recovered from that toe, which you are not because you don’t have your trail legs back.


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