Happy F’ing Birthday

It was really warm last night until the upslope daytime winds turned downslope around ten. I couldn’t sleep and stayed up long enough for the clouds to move off. I saw the first crescent moon and learned the constellation Leo.

Up and on trail by 0540. Nice morning.


I felt awesome with so little food, only one liter of water and no people. I made three miles by 0715. But then I had to load up with four liters of water and do a big climb.



Up until break at 1130 I felt great, like I wanted to hike, and wouldn’t have wanted a short easy birthday even if I had a choice. That changed by 1400 when I had to load up with another four liters to do another big climb. All of a sudden my feet hurt real bad, like three weeks ago bad. Around four I walked into a huge burn and there was no place to shelter from the cold wind.

I finally bushwhacked down to a road by an old quarry which was out of the wind. My feet are trying to get blisters between almost all of my toes. Sad dinner of instant mashed potatoes and tuna, birthday or not. Good thing I have a short day tomorrow and then a zero. I’m hoping to get there early for food and beer and to beat the afternoon thunderstorms.


Big toe killed another sock today. Not many left.

2 thoughts on “Happy F’ing Birthday

  1. Happy belated F’in B-day dude! Hope you can find some better socks! I really like Smartwool and Point 6, which are supposed to never wear out, but I still manage to get holes in them. But I’ve NEVER gotten a hole in the Forest Service green Thorlo socks. I’d say give ’em a try.


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